Thursday, 5 November 2015

General 9.12 Features

Hello Warriors,

The 9.12 test server is now open!

Major changes:

  • Game engine improvements.
  • Game mode "Fight to the last" with new maps "Berlin" and "Paris" added.
  • PVE for beginners (computer-controlled machine).
  • New Render Range.
  • Changed interface of the purchase and installation of camouflage, inscriptions and emblems.

Other changes:

  • A revised system of aiming to minimize differences trajectory shot on client and server.
  • Fixed "twitching" in sight sniper scope while moving along the bottom of declines guns.
  • Fixed invisible tank in the "Fight to the last."
  • Improved profitability in the credits for the game mode "Steel hunting."
  • Improved quality FSAA TSAA.
  • Improved performance in certain configurations.
  • Fixed a large number of "crashes" and "freezes" the game client.

Have fun!

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