Tuesday, 3 November 2015

03/11/2015 Q&A

- Official reason for the 9.12 patch is that the 9 11 numbers are associated with the 9/11 terror attack in New York, that is why it was decided to call the patch 9.12
- Developers decided to scrap the 10.0 update because of the overwhelmingly negative player feedback
- Wargaming's near future plans are based on the wishes of players
- It's too early to say whether the Paris map will appear in random battles as well
- It's not yet sure when patch 9.12 will come
- T23E3 buff will come in 9.12
- Viktor Kisly still plays World of Tanks
- FV4202 was replaced by Action X because it was unhistorical and therefore it was replace by the Centurion with improved protection
- The "bonus for decals" 10.0 system was not cancelled, it will undergo an overhaul and will return
- Developers are working on removing the map tiering for experienced players, this will come in one of the upcoming patches
- Chieftain will "fill another important role" (than replacing FV215b), it will come "when its time comes"
- Player polls (players answering and telling their opinion on various WG questions) will not be implemented to the game: "In the game players should play, not answer"
- It's possible some T-22sr. missions will be reworked, but overall the missions for it will come
- There will be HD tanks in 9.12
- Artillery overhaul will not come anytime soon, it's not a matter that should be rushed
- FV4202 will be removed for now and will return as a premium later
- It is still planned to change the render square to circle in 9.12

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