Saturday, 24 October 2015

Roman Tabolin Q&A

Hello warriors,

this is a summary of an interview with Roman Tabolin, WG RU community manager from WG FM radio.

- the 10.0 patch is called "Rubicon" because it represents the beginning of major changes, it will come in autumn
- the "deathmatch" event mode will appear on regular basis
- there will not be many people who will be able to unlock the T-22sr.
- the T-22sr. missions might still be changed before the 10.0 release
- T110E5 will not be touched for now
- the T-22sr. missions have no time limit
- one more patch will most likely come until the end of the year
- premium T-25 will not be removed from the game
- developers are testing new game mode prototypes (for now without details)
- it's not true that 10.1 will bring new motion physics

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