Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Chieftain Mk 6 for Sale

Hello Warriors,

one of you, "Another Tanker" has emailed me this.

Currently there is a fully operational Chieftain Mk 6 (the same Mk that WG is working on for the game) being sold for a quarter of a million dollars and that belonged to the Littlefield collection.

For those unaware, the Littlefield Collection had the largest tank collection in the world but since the passing of its owner Jacques Littlefield many of the vehicles are being sold.
The sad part is that once bought, some if not most of them are never to be seen again. There are plenty of private owners who hoard such pieces for themselves and keep them away from the public.

This vehicle in particular was hand picked from the UK and fully restored by the Military Vehicle Technology Foundation and has been in Oklahoma since.

One of the best parts is that this MBT wasn't molested by UK legislation. Its very hard for someone in UK to even own a gun and the headache becomes bigger if you are to have a Tank without a deactivated gun, check out the specs:

This MBT is Fully functional with a 120 mm Live Canon. The 2 engines both run great and have very low hours on them. It comes with a NEW backup Main engine . The turret is fully operational and the stabilization system works very well; it is controlled via a joystick. The main gun is registered as a Destructive device with the ATF and comes with 10 projectiles , more projectiles are available. The barrel is in excellent condition and has never been modified or molested in , any way. It has a factory laser range finder and also included is the hydraulic mine plow and infrared spotlight. the intercom system works as does the NBC Filtration System. weight. 55 tones, length w/gun forward 35' 5", length of hull 24' 8" width 9' 6" The serial number of this tank is 59.

And the best bit, photos! After being inside countless Chieftains have to say this is one of the most preserved interiors I've seen:

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