Thursday, 1 October 2015

10/01/2015 Q&A

Have to say, I love Storm. Sometimes. During the rest of the time I just like him. :D

- Q: "WG, you care only about money, stop lying!" A (Storm): "Stop drinking so early in the morning."
- Storm is constantly reading and evaluating player feedback;
- Official T-22 Sr. characteristics will be posted later, it will be possible to win it through series of individual missions that will be posted later;
- T-22 Sr. will not be awarded for CW activities;
- If "all goes well", 10.0 will come in October;
- 10.0 test ETA? "When it's 100 percent ready";
- Camouflage and decals giving bonuses is not pay to win because it is obtainable even for credits.