Thursday, 29 October 2015

10.0 Emblems Cancelled

Hello Warriors,

Since the 10.0 test server went live many Community Contributors like Quickybaby, Jingles and I have spoken against the current P2W state of the new inscription system and I'm very pleased to tell you that due to the large amount of negative feedback it is now cancelled and will be reviewed to hopefully be back in the future.

MrConway, a EU CC Manager wrote today on the forum:

"First of all we want to thank all of you that took the time to not only test the 10.0 update, but also shared your feedback with us. It is important for us that you guys understand that we do care and listen to this feedback and pass it on to the developers.

As you might have noticed, two of the new features in particular received a large amount of negative feedback. We took this to the devs, made the case for you and are happy to report that decisions were made based on this feedback.

In particular this concerned:

  • Crew bonuses in the new tank customization feature
  • Gas cloud mechanics in Rampage mode

These features will not be included in patch 10.0 as a result. They will be reviewed and reworked and hopefully come back in the future with the issues addressed.

We will be keeping the new and improved customization UI, as well as the new Steel Hunt game mode with the new maps.

Please make sure to keep sending us feedback when issues like this come up!

Party time!

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