Friday, 18 September 2015

Mini Client for Bambies

Hello Warriors,

World of Tanks has introduced a mini client that allows bambies brand new players to start playing the game while the rest of the game client is still downloading.

Available in the Mini Client:

  •     Tier I and II vehicles only
  •     Tier III – X vehicles available only for research and purchase
  •     Random Rattles
  •     Hangar Tutorial
  •     Battle Training
  •     Maps: Mines, Mittengard, Ruinberg and Winter Himmelsdorf

Unavailable in the Mini Client:
  •     Tier III – X vehicles for battles
  •     Additional battle modes
  •     Playing in Platoons (includes invitations)
  •     Personal Missions

Many other games already been doing this for quite some time but its nice to see Wargaming following the trend. What is your opinion?