Monday, 7 September 2015

Czechoslovak Tanks alread in Game

Not quite, but still, this is something really interesting.

A bunch of Czechoslovak players (carramba66, madman_24 and menechip) got creative and - using some of the decals and other elements implemented for Czechoslovakia in 9.10 as well as some custom skins - re-created some of the situations the Czechoslovak tanks appeared in troughout history. The original in Czech can be found here. Some of those are really nice screenshots

This is by the way one of the reasons why the Czechs and Slovaks got their own tree - do you see other communities (Italian, Swedish) doing something like this?

ČSLA (Czechoslovak People's Army) - Šumava 1984, Štít 84 excercise, T-55A advancing

Dunkirk 1945 - the elements of the Czechoslovak armored forces is attempting to break through the city's defences

Liberec 1938 - Czechoslovak army units participate in the suppression of nazi insurgency

Ivančice 1938 - after the refusal of the Munich betrayal, the units are waiting for the enemy

Orlické Hory 1938 - LT Vz.35 platoon is covering the infantry manning a bunker

Third battle for Kharkov 1943 - Czechoslovak armored units are advancing near the railway

Third battle for Kharkov 1943 - Soviet planes help destroying the German counterattack

Third battle for Kharkov 1943 - the leading tank is called "Lidice" after a village burned down by nazi murderers

Third battle for Kharkov 1943 - heavy fighting took place near the railway station at Konstantinovka

Dukla 1944 - the armored units are advancing against dug-in German positions

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