Monday, 21 September 2015

0.9.11 - New Sounds Coming

Hello warriors,

in 0.9.11, new sounds will apparently make an appearance! According to exclusive materials recorded by a WoT Youtuber Amway921, here's how things will sound:

Here is a guy testing it in WG studio - text by Redditer Senaya :

Listen to fuel engine, track moving and shooting

Listen to bots bouncing off your armour

Listen to diesel engine

Listen to arty shooting

Listen to your tank being on fire and then fuel leaking

Listen to your ammo rack being damaged

They claim that every sound on the map will be audible, so you will hear players fighting on the other side of the map (they said something like "if marker exists, you will hear it" so maybe it will only be audible in the 600m area around you). From now on you will be able to hear which gun is shooting at you, so you always know if you're targeted by E-100, arty or something else. Every module (engine, turret, tracks etc) will also get new sounds, along with pretty much everything else. Only sounds that will stay (for now) are crew voices and objects breaking (soon to be changed too). Now you won't have to read on screen what was damaged, you can tell what you need to fix just by listening to module sounds. Also, if you're playing arty, you will hear players shooting at you now.

Bonus: the famous old crit bell sound is making its return with this update