Sunday, 2 August 2015

Wallet Warrior Killer

Hello Warriors,

decided to erase and redo the post about the "Wallet Warrior Killer" as my conscience can not allow name and shaming, I believe its wrong even if the jackarse deserves it.
Today I overslept after yesterdays adventure (ocean, tanks and sunburn) and the post went up without my knowledge or supervision as I like to smooth the edges in issues like this.

So here we go,

Basically, certain players in World of Warships are deliberately targeting paying customers for teamkilling by selecting any premium ships in their teams for "execution" because they are "Wallet warriors".  Now while you may think this seems pretty dumb because it's the paying customers who are paying to keep the servers running, this small fact seems beyond the comprehension of our little teamkilling friends.  This in itself would have been worthy of a news post, especially since the subject was originally raised (without disclosing the teamkillers' identity) in a WoWS NA forum thread in which the dumbass took part and outed himself, but the naming and shaming of the particular teamkiller in question is not something I wish to promote on Status Report, therefore the original post has been deleted and I've posted this in order to explain the situation.

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