Friday, 28 August 2015

T95/Chieftain Hybrid, British Tier 8 MT

Hello warriors,

here's another "event" vehicle, tier 8 MT Chieftain/T95 hybrid. And yes, this existed (at least on paper), such a proposal was actually made in real life. Basically a Chieftain hull, T95 turret and 90mm gun.


When developing the FV4201 Chieftain, it was proposed to make the armament interchangeable with the American T95 tank by implementing a turret from it on the Chieftain hull. The project did not continue due to the training requirements on the crew that would have to learn to operate two different gunnery systems.

Characteristics for 100 percent crew

Tier: 8 MT
Hitpoints: 1350
Engine: 750 hp
Weight: 50 tons
Power-to-weight: 15 hp/t
Maximum speed: 42/15 km/h
Hull traverse: 36 deg/s
Turret traverse: 37,5 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 0,767/0,959/1,726
Viewrange: 380
Radio range: 782,1

Hull armor: 85/50,8/25,4
Turret armor: 254/88,9/50,8

Gun: 90mm
Damage: 240/240/320
Penetration: 202/238/45
ROF: 7,539
DPM: 1809,3
Reload: 7,959
Accuracy: 0,312
Aimtime: 2,11
Depression: -10/+20



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