Monday, 3 August 2015

FV3805 Restoration Project

Oh boy its out...

Hello Warriors,

The Mingles with Jingles is now out and our secret beans have been spilled!

Ive joined in a restoration project of the only SPG FV3805 left in the world (only 2 prototypes were built) which resides at the lovely Wight Military & Heritage Museum.

The Wight Military & Heritage Museum have more vehicles and weapons than they are able to fit in for display and they are working their way to get more space for them, its not easy as they operate mostly from donations but what makes it special is that visitors are able to get rides in the armoured vehicles including a FV432, T55, and Mark III Centurion.  Oh, and the staff are very lovely!

Our plan is to get the FV3805 running under its own power and be ready for the Tankfest 2017 arena. It will be operated and driven by an all female crew. And this is were I come in the picture, after invitation, I've agreed to become The Tank Museum very first tame woman tank driver and will be taking Tank driving and maintenance lessons in the future weeks!
Another of our goals is to make this beauty have Disabled Access, it wont be hard to build a
specially fabricated wheelchair slope in the rear hatch to enable wheelchair-bound ex-servicemen who will have the opportunity to be safely driven in the vehicle.

Other good news, you have the opportunity to join us in the restoration. No special skills required but if you do have any skills that may be useful for the project please feel free to list them in an email to:

Here are some photos of "my baby", have to say that I fell in love when I saw her, make sure to Follow this facebook page for updates!

Some photos taken by The Mighty Jingles of the FV3805 with a video to follow. thanks for the help and support Jingles
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