Thursday, 6 August 2015

First day at Gamescom as summed up by VK WoT Express

- Developers have shown the 0.5.0 patch for WoT Generals;
- On October, there will be a German branch for WoWS with Dresden and Admiral Hipper, more will be shown at Igromir in Moscow;
- The German branch is complete already, developers are also working on new maps that might appear around the end of the year;
- Tirpitz and Bismarck will also be added, they are both ready;
- WoWS beta testing has more than 2 million users;
- OBT WoWS members spend around 190 minutes a day in battles;
- GIGABYTE (motherboard and GPU producer) now has a partnership with Wargaming, in the future the Gigabyte Z170X motherboard will come in special WoT edition with tier 5 T-25 premium tank + 7 days of premium (or tier 2 "Diana" cruiser for WoWS).

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