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Czechoslovak Content in 9.10


Hello warriors,

here's an overview of Czechoslovak content (emblems, inscriptions) in 9.10 as mined out from the test client.

Decal -Wargaming used a rather obscure decal used on several vehicles during WW2 (Czechoslovak-operated IS-2 tanks).Czechoslovak community is not very happy about it and promises to use mods to make the flag look more historically correct (the blue should be to the left, white should be up, red should be down)

Czechoslovak emblems - two: older version of the Czechoslovak state emblem and the emblem of the Czechoslovak units in the western front.

Czechoslovak award - for destroying each Czechoslovak tank at least once  (excluding premiums)

Marks of Excellence - completely unhistorical, WG made this up based on the input from Czech community management.

Consumable - "buchty" (buchteln, sweet buns, булочки): a typical type of Czechoslovak sweet pastry. Selected based on popularity poll in Czech community and also on the fact it is easy to translate to Russian.

Inscriptions - several historical inscriptions. The "Death to German murderers", an historical inscription wasn't implemented.

Lidice - named after a village burned by nazis to the ground with its population either murdered or enslaved. This inscription belongs to one of the most famous Czechoslovak wartime T-34's.

Pražačka - "Prague girl"
Šotek - "Gremlin" (used on a Stuart in Czechoslovak service on western front)

Jánošík - named after the famous Slovak folk hero (a bandit who took from the rich and gave to the poor)
Brumovice - named after a town in the region of Moravia
Ležáky - belonged to another famous eastern front vehicle, named after another village burned down by the nazis.
Radhošť - named either after a town or after a mountain where the slavic god Radegast (god of sun, war and victory) resides according to the legend.
ČS Rozhlas - this inscription (meaning "Czechoslovak Radio") belonged to a famous captured Jagdpanzer 38t used during the Prague Uprising that took part in the fighting for the building of Czechoslovak Radio. Currently the vehicle is in the museum of Lešany.
Za naše padlé - "For our fallen", this inscription was on the same Jagdpanzer 38t as the above along with a list of names of fallen Czechoslovaks who died fighting the nazi occupants.
Rusalka - a slavic mythology water spirit, this inscription was used on a Cromwell tank on the western front.
Žižka - named after the 15th century mythical one-eyed warlord Jan Žižka z Trocnova who commanded the Hussite forces, this inscription belonged to a famous T-34 in the east.
ČSR - a shortcut for "Czechoslovak Republic"
Strašnice - another vehicle named after a part of Prague, this inscription was painted on one of the captured vehicles during Prague uprising
Chachar - a slang word for someone living in northern Moravia (specifically Ostrava), this is another inscription used on western vehicles.
Kapitán Otakar Jaroš - this inscription belonged to a SU-100 named after the hero of battle of Sokolovo, captain Otakar Jaroš. For his heroism in fighting the nazi invaders, he was the first foreigner to be awarded with the title of "Hero of the USSR" during WW2.

Pravda vítězí! - "The truth wins": Czechoslovak presidential and national motto, originating from 15th century. Used on one of the vehicles participating in Prague Uprising.

Žižkov - another inscription named after a part of Prague, which in turn is named after Jan Žižka.

T 40 icon

Crew ranks - vojín, svobodník, desátník, četař, rotný, praporčík, podporučík, poručík, nadpodučík, kapitán, major

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