Monday, 10 August 2015

10.08.2015 Q&A

Today's Q&A is... interesting to say the least, even I don't get this moody but probably would If was in Storm's shoes:

- Q (referring to T-22sr): "What, in 9.10 more CW tanks are coming and random players can go screw themselves?" A (Storm): "How terrible."
- Q: "I play for fun, tanks shouldn't go to stat jerkers in CW!" A: "How skillfully you are throwing mud at things you do not like!"
- Type 59 armor model is not finished yet, on supertest it has issues;
- Storm confirms: the piece of news that arty will be completely rebalanced in 2016 is true;
- Storm confirms that the WG EU Q&A part "Introducing a system to control the secondary armaments in tanks is not planned for now" is not true, this mechanism is planned, it was only delayed;
- Q: "SerB, go fuck yourself with your fight against chat toxicity!" A: (Storm): "I just told SerB, his answer was "vulgar players can go screw themselves";
- Multicore support? "When it's done it's done";
- Multigun mechanism is delayed just like the multiturret one: it's not worth doing for just a few vehicles;
- Q: "Why not introduce multiturret mechanism? It wouldn't make the game any worse!" A: "Let's introduce the simulation of the life of worms in the grass of Westfield. It wouldn't make the game any worse!"
- Q: "And worms have any relation to tanks?" A: "No. But their influence on the game would be only a little smaller than the one of multiturret mechanism."
- Q: "But you already are simulating the crows in Karelia! A tanker is sitting inside the tank with roaring engine and he hears the crow cawking in the headset..." A: "Yea and they also shit in the open hatches."
- The fate of premium German T-25? "We'll tell later in detail";
- Q: "Where are new premium tanks?" A: "Lately we added CDC, Japanese Tiger, AMX 13 57, FV201 etc. - not enough?"
- Pearl River and Hidden Village are being removed because they are very imbalanced statistics-wise and it's unlikely they can be fixed.
- There will be new maps coming for random battles;
- Object 430 will not be buffed;
- According to Storm WoT is not losing players: "Last year and the year before that the number of players online was the same or even lower around this time."
- In 0.9.10 the M46 Patton turret will be fixed;
- Community part of WG is constantly collecting player feedback and discussing ideas with players.

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