Thursday, 16 July 2015

Yuri Pasholok's Q&A

- The T-34 with 122mm U-11 was a real project but the gun was supposed to be installed in a completely different turret;
- There were no project of self-propelled guns based on E-50 or E-75;
- There were several projects of installing 85mm guns into KV-1 turrets but none were ever built even in prototype for various reasons;
- Yuri Pasholok is not authorized yet to release info on Czechoslovak tanks;
- The ARL-44 stock turret from FCM F1 is a very old project (it's a wartime proposal) but there is no info available about the prototype turret to replace it;
- T-50-2 in the game was behaving completely different from the real life vehicle, that's why it was changed to MT-25;
- The fate of many T-34 tanks from Armenia is unknown (apparently there were many there during WW2): "Ask GABTU";
- There are no Chinese candidates for second medium tank branch;
- T-54 620 and 700hp engines are unhistorical ("Ask balance department :)");
- Porsche Tiger number 003 (converted to a commander tank) really participated in battles, it was destroyed between 20th and 22nd of June 1944 during the Lviv offensive;
- Waffenträger RhB (the one from the game) was never built, only the chassis was, partially;
- Yuri Pasholok has no knowledge of Chinese T-34-3, the only T-34-3 he knows about was a project of T-34 with three guns: