Saturday, 18 July 2015

World of Tanks Magazine! (only half a year late)

Hello warriors,

Wargaming EU introduced the first number of the new World of Tanks magazine. Those who have been here with WoT longer perhaps remember the older World of Tanks magazine that was discontinued rather quickly. The old version was only available for mobile devices and was not successful (that's why it was discontinued after all). So what do you do to make your next project more successful? You offer it for PC as well, because most WoT players are also PC users!

Nope, just kidding, it's still only for mobile devices. Because that worked well the first time around. Anyway, this isn't what really caught my eye. What caught my eye was the content - specifically the cover and the Himmelsdorf part. Where have I seen that Himmelsdorf article before?

Oh, that's right, an article just like that was already posted on my blog, three months ago.

But how can this be? Well, dear readers, that's because WOT EU recycled content that was already posted in December 2014 in the Russian issue.

The Himmelsdorf article was then reprinted by wot-news in April and appeared on RSR as a result. That's why there's also a "Fury" article months after Brad Pitt shot his last nazi and the "Fury" hype ended. Kinda explains a lot.

Come on lads, you can do it!

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