Thursday, 23 July 2015

Gaijin versus Youtuber situation update

Hello warriors,

the "Gaijin versus Youtuber" situation reaches its final stage as reported by the Kanobu portal. Here's what happened yesterday and today:

Yesterday night

- Yesterday, Gaijin tried to pressure and coerce the Youtuber Alconafter into signing a contract. The contract was pretty brutal, basically it binds the Youtuber to Gaijin. This contract would forbid the Youtuber to criticize War Thunder under a penalty of 10 thousand USD for each "contract breach". The contract further forces (!!!) the Youtuber to make 4 positive War Thunder videos per week. Funnily enough the contract would be made according to the law of Cyprus.
- This extortion was performed by Pavel Kulikov, Gaijin's chief of operations;
- In the night, the Youtuber was further pressured to the point of blackmail: "either sign the contract or you will not get channel back" - "the removal of Youtube complaints has one condition - the signature of the contract".

From the transcript of the Youtuber and Pavel Kulikov's communication that Kanobu has at disposal, Kulikov admits that the channel was not blocked just so, they wanted the Youtuber bound by this contract. On War Thunder forums, he however stated the opposite.

During the morning today, the Youtuber could not sleep and was further pressured. Luckily for him he did not sign any NDA, else he would be defenseless and could not publish the story. He also promises never to publish anything about War Thunder again, he's done with the game. At this point, Pavel Kulikov changes his tone and offers another option: Gaijin would start a "new" channel with the Youtuber's name on it. He'd have only access to it, he wouldn't own it. There he could post anything apart from WoT, WoWs and AW. The Youtuber naturally declined.

Now it gets interesting.

15:20 MSK - Anton Yudintsev, CEO of Gaijin contacted the Kanobu portal. He basically said that this whole thing was just Pavel Kulikov's doing and does not represent the position of the company. He promised to investigate the situation which he called "unacceptable";
16:30 MSK - Anton Yudintsev is personally talking to the Youtuber. The Youtuber insists on his channel's unblock and a promise that there would be no more attacks against him;
17:20 MSK - Pavel Kulikov, the "author" of the whole affair, was fired and Gaijin apologized to the Youtuber, his channel will be restored.
18:20 MSK - Kulikov confirms that he was removed from the office after 8 years in Gaijin.

Looks like a happy ending. As for the Youtuber, he'll be restored.  How much damage the whole affair did to Gaijin however is anyone's guess.

Oh, and Anton Yudintsev I have a word of advice for you, make sure to check your moderation too. After they emailed me with blatant lies to cover their arses and getting nothing out of in the past, they have now reverted to infesting my comment sections acting like pre-teen savages! I actually find them adorable, seriously! I was supposed to enjoy my free afternoon playing games but they kept me well entertained and giving me a good giggle, but that does not make you any favor! As long (note, "as long") your employes keep on behaving like this, expect nothing but negativism, not just from me, but from the community too. We are not stupid.

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