Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Gaijin shuts down Youtuber's channel

Hello warriors,

funny how today I was thinking to myself that had been a couple weeks since Gaijin hasn't fracked up something, not sure if this is my odds or I just have a pretty good sixth sense:

The Gaijin company (creator of War Thunder) had the most  popular Youtube WT fan Russian channel ("alconafter" with over 900 videos and 140k subscribers) blocked after it allegedly misled its subscribers that a stream with one of the Gaijin employees would take place. The account's owner, Kirill Fedorov has shown that Gaijin achieved this by spamming IP complaints against his videos. According to him, the conflict between him and Gaijin started a long time ago after one of his colleagues organized a "flashmob" type protest against Gaijin pay to win practices in 2013. This resulted in the removal of the youtuber's press-account and cease of communication.

This protest has caused the community staff to ban any mention of the channel on the forums. The Youtuber speculates about the real reasons:

"No game developer company has ever paid me anything. But last year I started making videos from World of Tanks and Armored Warfare. At that moment I was the top Armored Warfare blogger (50-150k views per video). They of course gave me press accounts, discussed with me and helped. Recently I got to know (the War Thunder) historical consultant who told me he was outsourced by War Thunder. I decided to stream WT with him because the viewers would be interested in hearing what he had to say."

The Youtuber hopes to have the access to his channel back soon.

Typical Gaijin behavior...


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