Friday, 24 July 2015

Evilly Q&A

Hello warriors,

Anton "Evilly" Pankov, WoT producer, answered some questions about World of Tanks

- There are no plans to make map pinging a platoon only option;
- The XP for tanking mechanism had a significant flaw in it, allowing heavily armored tanks like the E-100 to grind insane amounts of XP. Wargaming fixed it but it needs to be tested, it won't come anytime soon, there are no plans to introduce it in upcoming patches yet (there's no ETA);
- WG is internally testing the render range switch from square to circle, when it is ready it will be introduced to test server;
- The VK4502B switch is no longer sure, it's possible it will come in the future but for now the matter was shelved;
- Some Xbox and Blitz exclusive features could appear in PC version in the future;
- There is more space for experiments in the console mechanics (PC version is too rigid, the players are used to the current setup and take any changes or experiments poorly);
- Currently Wargaming is working hard on the Domination variants and Steel Hunt, not on fan modes;
- Players will be "very happy" on 5th WoT anniversary (meant for RU server specifically).

joking... he was talking only about RU server. :)

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