Saturday, 4 July 2015

Armored Warfare: PVE missions with Silentstalker

Hello Warriors,

yesterday tested the PVE missions in AW for the first time together with SilentStalker:

PVE is such a great addition to the game. I've honestly became addicted to it pretty quickly (played 7hours straight with my Challenger 1), its relaxing and the bots are actually not stupid.
Just would like more people to queue up for Hard mode as most are being wussies and going for Easy/Medium. I personally cant wait for the Insane level to be available, nothing like a good challenge, specially against a machine.

Last night said to SilentStalker: "You know AW did a great job with PVE when for the first time in months I got driven away from WoT, and you know how addicted to WoT I am."

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