Wednesday, 1 July 2015

9.9 Test 2

Hello warriors,

the 9.9 test 2 started. Here's a list of changes compared to test 1:

- removed the Mauschen
- added Japanese Tiger and Kanonenjagdpanzer for players to test
- SPIC viewrange increased from 380 to 400m
- fixed bugged armor models of T-62A (frontal turret), M6A2E1 (frontal and side turret) and T110E3 (entire frontal armor)
- fixed many visual issues with following models: Skorpion, Object 777, M6A2E1, JagdPanther, Ferdinand, Caernarvon, SPIC, Т-62А, JagdPz E100, Maus, autoloader IS-3

- removed the "Fiery Salient" test version of the map
- fixed a large number of visual errors and bugs on many maps
- fixed the bug where water didn't desplay on the old render on some maps
- improved the tank visual camo brightness
- fixed the shadow display on integrated GPU's Intel HD Graphics
- fixed the bug with semi-transparent leaves with new anti-aliasing turned on
- improved the performance of effect display in sniper mode
- reduced the tank track (the traces the tanks leave behind when driving in mud etc) brightness

- Steel hunt economy rebalanced: you will get less credits but repairs are much cheaper, allowing players to earn (and not lose) credits in each battle
- fixed a large number of Steel hunt bugs
- fixed a significant number of client crashes and freezes
- fixed the bug where some limited MM tanks got unlimited MM
- fixed the incorrect display of statistics when playing in platoon
- fixed the incorrect work of radial command menu and minimap pinging
- fixed some small UI issues
- fixed some number of  issues in Team Battles