Monday, 20 July 2015

20.07.2015 Q&A

Well, it turns out that the FTA Q&A (published earlier) is partially fake:

- Storm confirms: the Dx11 support soon (within two patches) claim (from FTA) was a fake (a lie);
- When you switch between tanks, there's apparently a slight "twitching" in some cases (TXAA enabled), this is caused by the TXAA;
- Storm admits that after 9.9 some vehicles (Soviet and Chinese) have different visual models from collision models (the bottom part), this is intentional.

Yuri Pasholok on the "FTA Q&A"

- Regarding ASU-85: "Yea yea, definitely. We really are holding ASU-85 in reserve but I don't remember it being discussed as a premium. Where is this from?"
- Regarding the "uncertain" switch of WT E-100: "The vehicle is already clearly specified. Of course, there are people at WG who don't like it but no alternatives were discussed."
- Regarding the "surprise" for tier 5 anniversary (likely BT-7A): "Yep, it's a nice vehicle, it has its specifics but many will like it."

And the daily, from Daigensui, the ultimate selfie stick:

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