Thursday, 25 June 2015

Want a FV201 (A45)?

Hello Warriors,

on the NA server, from Wednesday, July 1, 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET until Saturday, August 1, 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET players will have the change to earn or rent a FV201 (A45).

To rent the tank you have to complete the "Freedom to Play: Single, Double and Quad" missions

Freedom to play:
- Earn a total of 15,000 XP a day in order  to collect 45 keys
  • Single: Rewards 1 FTP Key;
  • Double: Rewards up to 2 FTP Keys;
  • Quad: Rewards up to 4 FTP Keys.
- Reward

  • 8 Days rental of the FV201 A45 (TLV);
  • Vertical Stabilizer Mk. 2.

  Note: If you, like me, don't have time (or patience) to log-in every day and earn the keys there is the chance of buying them instead (see prices bellow).
Random battles only and can be completed solely once per day.

To earn the tank you have to complete the "Freedom to Play" and "This is My A45!" missions.

This is My A45:
 - This mission can be only completed with the rented FV201 (A45)
  •  Earn 200,000 XP 
  • Destroy 200 enemy vehicles
- Reward
  •  +15% XP Booster (Duration: 2 hours, Expires: September 1)

  Note: If you cannot complete this mission you still can earn the tank by completing the "Freedom to Play" mission and buying the "A45 Premium Shop License" (see prices bellow).


Note: In order to receive rewards for FTP Keys purchased in the Premium Shop, you must play a battle for each reward unlocked.

Other rewards: 

And here in EU... not even the login bonus we've gotten...

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