Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Storm answers on Stream

Hello warriors,

a special stream with Storm on Russian server just finished! Here are the answers from Storm:

- After the Domination event ends, the crews from the special tanks will stay and the XP will be transferred to tier 1 tanks of the respective nation
- In 0.9.9 Domination will get a credit income buff
- 0.9.9 will encourage platoon play
- Personal reserves mechanism will be further developed and polished. Credit-making personal reserves are still in discussion. Developers are planning to replace the weekend discounts with the personal reserve mechanism
- 0.9.9 will bring graphics engine update, some bug fixes and a Domination overhaul
- Currently the developers are working a lot on improving the graphics engine in order to bring more HD tanks and HD maps. 0.9.9 will bring engine optimizations (concerning GPU). The overhaul concerns shadows, fullscreen anti-aliasing, old render optimization, water render improvement and lighting system optimization
- HD client is currently in beta version
- XP bonus for "tanking" will be introduced after a complete damage system analysis. It will come but the work goes slower than the developers want.
- VK4502P B will be replaced by Mauschen in 0.9.9. Everyone who has it in the garage will get the Mauschen. Mauschen has inferior armor to the current VK4502P B. The VK will return as a tier 7-8 premium.
- The Mammut is in testing. According to Storm the name is not historically correct.
- AFK Panther will be replaced by Spähpanzer I.C. (SPIC) in 0.9.9
- Tier 9 and 10 light tanks will come only if there will be candidates for all the nations
- Maps bigger than 1000 x 1000 are possible
- Developers are now working on replacing the FV4202 with Action X Centurion. In the end WG managed to receive proper drawings. There will most likely be free FV4202 for current FV4202 owners (tied to a mission somehow).
- FV215b will be replaced by Chieftain
- In several days there will be a test of tier 8-10 tank penetration nerf
- Developers are working on new tank motion physics - the problem is that it overloads the servers. However, developers are now working on the conversion mechanism from the old vehicle parameters to the new one. Test will come soon.
- Japanese heavy branch will come soon. They are very specific and difficult to play, some of them are bigger than Maus.
- Multiturret mechanism will come at some point
- Japanese Tiger will come in 0.9.9, visually it's an early model Tiger
- PvE mode is being developed (no specifics)
- To ETA on the return of historical battles after the failure of the old ones

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