Saturday, 27 June 2015

Artillery poll incoming

Hello, warriors,

The Insider sent me info about an upcoming poll for artillery that will be used to help the developers decide what changes the players want in World of Tanks. This poll will be sent to 11k NA players, 23k EU players, 45k RU players and 5k SEA players. Insider's comments are in italics.

Topics concerning artillery

- "It sucks and I want it gone" - never gonna happen, don't type that on feedback unless you want to stop being selected for future polls
- The most unfair aspects of arty concerning both damage dealing and user experience
- Methods of improving artillery

Note: if you think of AW style of "shoot and be spotted" it won't work for the current WoT mechanic, think about it, I dont see that working at all on maps like Ensk or any kind of small map, please use your own words when describing your ideas, dont use forum copypaste. Minsk will know.

Next is:

- Rate of fire over damage? Or accuracy over damage? Or fine as it is? Arties of every nation have their own quirks and are different from each other, just like the French has superb mobility but so-so damage, the british FV has an amazing gun arc and so on, which tree will you consider the most underwhelming and why?

Minsk will not take in account any poll that does attempt to normalize artillery's nation quirks such as I mentioned above (no arties from different nations should be the same, they are their own experience) and will automatically flag these those answers that contain insults or language that's just offensive.

- Your favourite arty / your least liked one and why?
- Does your clan use artillery on the global map matches? Which ones and on what maps? (this is flagged as important question)

- How many arties you own and from which tree?
- Further random questions included  including game experience and an interesting question:

"Which tech tree would you like to see next in World of Tanks?"

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