Saturday, 20 June 2015

19.06.2015 Q&A

 Here it is:

- The client side of the Bigworld was heavily modified for Xbox purposes
- Developers had a look at the T-54 Prototype premium, there is no need to buff it, it won't be given limited MM
- Currently developers are working on instruments that would allow them to quickly convers the old motion values to new motion physics, they don't want the new physics to negatively influence gameplay
- HD E-75 will come relatively soon, its armor should not change
- The packet of data transferred to client after the battle ends is relatively large, it can happen that the server doesn't sometimes transfer it correctly and that's when you will get "results unavailable" message
- The people who made the personal missions are very experienced players (65+ winrate often), it's possible the first iteration was too difficult because experienced players did it
- the current penetration test is just a test, there is no need to panic, developers will assemble and analyze the statistics first
- Current normalization is 5 degrees for AP rounds and 2 for subcaliber rounds
- There are no plans for radical improvement of medium tank mobility
- Q: "I didn't see KV-5 in the list of penetration changes!" A: "Should we nerf that too?"
- Roughly 10 percent of ammunition used by heavies and meds on tier 10 is gold ammunition (this percentage increases when fighting heavily armored targets)
- Storm disagrees with one player's statement that gold ammo was nerfed enough while regular ammo was nerfed too much
- WG considers a hardcap on gold ammo pointless
- Storm confirms the ghost shell bug (shells flying through targets) at close distances, WG is actively working on fixing it
- Artillery will be reworked
- WG developers are aware and do not want the situation where medium tanks are penetrating heavies at 500 meters from the front. Removing tier 10 medium tank gold shells however would not fix that as their regular shells are effective as well and the percentage of use of gold ammo of hightier mediums is very low. Medium tank penetration nerf of regular shells should make them do what they should do: flank
- Centurion will be buffed "if necessary"

Maus has interesting statistics according to Storm. It is the target the other players are using gold ammo against the most. 21 percent of rounds that are fired at it is gold ammo. 60 percent of the fired gold ammo penetrates. 44 percent of non-gold ammo fired at Maus penetrates. And so, out of 100 non-HE rounds hitting the Maus 79 rounds are not gold, 35 out of those 79 rounds do damage. 21 rounds are gold and 13 do damage.

- There are no plans for now to test viewrange changes
- Storm commenting on players panicking that new reworked Prokhorovka would have corridors: "with your logic even the old one has corridors". He however confirms: the leaked Prokhorovka is a test map with increased size, Prokhorovka or Fiery Salient will not be touched in 0.9.9
- the HD M46 turret is incorrect it will be fixed
- Storm has no idea what will they do with the Mammoth until it isn't configured properly
- HD Type 59 should be in 0.9.10
- Type 59 won't have its penetration nerfed
- VK4502B was changed to Mauschen "because we wanted to"
- MSAA antialiasing will be suported in the future
- TXAA antialiasing and optimizations in 0.9.9 should actually IMPROVE the FPS while improving the picture as well

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