Saturday, 6 June 2015

06.06.2015 Q&A

Some screenies of rear-turret HD Tiger model appeared on the internet. It's a fake (a joke from some modder).

- Players are posting more and more cases of 50 meter "ghost shell" shots, Storm states he will investigate;
- Storm confirms that only 1 replay out of 10 WG gets as "ghost shell" report genuinely shows the bug;
- Storm confirms that WG made comparisons whether the Domination mode is profitable enough in credits, they used "income per a unit of time" as an indicator;
- Average time spent in random battle is 7 minutes;
- Average time spent in Domination battle is "a little under 10 minutes";
- The majority of Domination battles end after timeout;
- Module damage is also modified by the 25 percent RNG;
- Platoons are balanced against other platoons in MM within "certain tolerances", there are no plans to introduce a rule where platoons are matched against other platoons with the same class of vehicles;
- Some HD models (Pershing) still have their depression and elevation based upon the needs of SD models (where SD model required certain depression limit and HD model doesn't require it anymore, the old depression limits stayed anyway);
- T49 90mm doesn't have AP shells because "the vehicle has other balance considerations" (advantages);
- Storm is looking forward to Fallout 4;

And the daily:
Thank you Daniel P.!

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