Thursday, 7 May 2015

WG stream Q&A

Hello warriors,

yesterday a stream with developers took place on Russian server (called "Tank Wednesday") - here's what was said in it:

- Havok will come at some point, developers are working on it
- Japanese heavy tanks will come soon
- historical battles will come after 0.9.10
- if some players don't like to go to a hangar after being destroyed, they will according to WG like their garage battle mode
- 0.9.8 will bring an individual mission condition overhaul of many missions
- there will be two split clients - HD and SD, which will differ in texture resolution ("there is no point in downloading too much data if your PC is not up to it anyway")
- no plans to add tier 8 premium artillery
- 0.9.8 patch release should not be delayed even with the 0.9.7 delay

And one correction:

Tomorrow a dedicated test of the garage battle mode should appear (not 0.9.8 test) with 0.9.8 test itself coming next week.