Monday, 25 May 2015

Storm's mini Q&A (pretty useless)

- Q: "When will the issue with gold shells be exactly resolved? When will you hardcap them or make them more expensive?" A: "Never"
- Q: "T32 in HD sucks and it's too easy to penetrate!" A: "How sad"
- Q: "Why did you stop with gold-for-password-change events?" A: "I don't know."

About HEAT rounds:

- Q: "Did you change the HEAT shell normalization?" A: "Yes. It was 0 degrees and after long discussions we decided to change it to 0 degrees." (yes, from 0 to 0, not a typo, just Storm being sarcastic)
- Q: "Don't you fear that you'll lose the playerbase after such big decisions? :)" A: "What can I do. Sometimes it's worth taking a risk."
- Q: "And maybe you could multiply the normalization by two?" A: "Also an option."