Saturday, 23 May 2015

Storm's extra Q&A

Hello warriors,

a bunch of info from Storm from various sources:

- for now, there are no plans to add "highest spotting damage" to the list of highest values ever achieved in your profile, it's because developers are working on "many bigger features and there's no time for little things"
- IS-6 has the same profit modifier as other tier 8 premiums (doesn't earn less money)
- there will be a lot more info on the Domination mode once the 0.9.8 patch is released
- "Domination" will have many more versions tested
-  IS-4 buff? "If IS-4 has bad stats, we'll buff it" (but current wot-news numbers do not prove it actually has problems despite its 48 percent RU winrate)
- official IS-4 winrate will not be disclosed
- Domination sucks and doesn't fit the model of the game? "How terrible"
- STA-2 will definitely not get limited MM but its stats will be reviewed
- Free for All mode would suck in WoT according to Storm, it was the current random mode format that brought the game its success
- Q: "Will there be new premium tanks that are comfortable to play?" A (Storm): "There will be new premium tanks. Of course they will be uncomfortable. After all, every released premium vehicle is shitty if you believe what they write on the forums." (Storm later adds that there will be new premiums but it's really hard to predict how will players react to them)
- developers have not figured out yet how to implement the HE shells so that they count towards blocked damage
- it is unknown when female crew voiceover comes ("this issue is brought up regularily and laid to rest immediately every time")
- this year there will definitely be more new physics testing
- when asked what's the sense of dynamic platoons since platoon effectivity lies in voice chat and dynamic platoon members are not on Teamspeak or anything, Storm counters that the default WG voicechat works for them
- the VK4502B will be replaced for Mäuschen "this year"
- Storm confirms that 9.8 release will come soon
- E-100 is doing fine statistically, there are no plans to buff it
- regarding the (old) engine/transmission split, Storm confirms that not all vehicles were reworked this way - only the hightier ones. The rest will be reworked when they come in HD