Saturday, 16 May 2015

Czechoslovak Tree in WoT FAQ

Author: Silentstalker

Hello everyone,

in recent weeks, multiple posts on Czechoslovak tanks appeared on various forums (mostly Russian). Practically all however were using obsolete info with some really bad extrapolations. This post is intended to summarize what we (well, I) know about this upcoming branch/tree/whatever.

Was it officially confirmed?

Yes, including openly by RU producer Anton "Evilly" Pankov.

Will it be a branch of an EU tree or a separate tree?

Czechoslovaks will receive their own insignia (flag) on the vehicles, their own separate crew names and their own consumables. For all intents and purposes, it's a separate tree.

How will it look?

Like this (minus the premiums apart from the T 40):

When will it come?

End of the year with the premium tank coming two patches ahead (at the end of summer). Of the three branches Storm announced for this year, this will be the third.

What's the current status?

The premium vehicle (T 40) is already being modelled and might appear on supertest within two months or so. The rest is being prepared for modelling. Currently, WG focus lies on the Japanese heavy branch that is due in 0.9.10 (premium Japanese Tiger comes in 0.9.8 and by WG rules, premium tanks come two patches ahead).

How historical the branch is?

Very, as much as possible. There will be nothing completely unhistorical (made up) in it, although a few elements will be a stretch. Tiers 1-3 were built and served, tier 4 was built in metal and was accepted in service but was not mass-produced, tiers 5-10 were projects only.

What's its "gameplay" main characteristic?

That depends on the soft stats developers choose for the vehicles to have. From hard stats - very good mobility with generally powerful guns but mediocre to poor armor. Think French, only with somewhat more armor and less autoloaders. Between French and Soviets. Most tanks (with one exception) have good gun depression. Tier 7 is the "weak link" of the branch with mediocre mobility and armor and poor depression, that one will likely be the least fun to play.

What will be the first premium?


Škoda T 40, found in the archives by J.Tintěra (Czechoslovak historian). You can read about it here.

What will the top tier be like?

The last evolution of the TVP medium tank program - T 50/51. You can read about it here.

What will the tree base color be?

There are only two options really - pre-war brown (dark khaki) or post-war olive drab. Given the fact that olive drab is visually quite similar to the Soviet branch (only somewhat darker), I'd say the khaki. As far as I know, this was not decided yet. Here's the color for illustration (photo courtesy of Bauglir_ySF) - this is the standardized army khaki/brown the Czechoslovak army used, here being applied to the restored LT Vz.35:

What kind of camouflage will the tree have?

See this post, it was used for reference. The basic (most important one)

What kind of inscriptions will the tree have?

See this post for examples.

What will be the Czechoslovak consumable?

Buchty - a type of Czech sweet pastry.