Thursday, 28 May 2015

28.05.2015 Q&A

 Here it is:

- Storm admits that the post-battle results window in 0.9.8 is "unfinished" and will be fixed;
- Storm states that the best place to hit HD IS-3 is lower front plate (the turret roof weakspot is still there but it got much smaller);
- AMX 50 120 depression/elevation was not nerfed in HD;
- Storm confirms that the woman crew 0 perk mechanism was fixed, the first perk after the 0 ("BIA") perk now takes as much XP to level up as if it was the first perk;
- One player was stupid enough to post his problem with clan interface using his own clan that is called after Waffen SS unit - Storm was not amused (ban + clan disbanding) (RG: Very good call on that!)
- Regarding fighting banned mods, Storm states that making the client check the mods running against a list of banned mods would be pointless, that kind of protection would be broken within days;
- Same goes for only allowing "authorized" mods, it would get broken;
- Storm confirms that when downloading a SD client, you are still using the same textures as you used unless your texture quality was set on maximum. In other words, anyone who is not using maximum setting should select SD client in order to save space and download capacity;
- Storm confirms that the Domination mode will be like an event (football, races, Karl) and a temporary one, it was indeed delayed because of mods not working in it (XVM), Evilly confirms this info as well, mods are now affecting WG schedules.
- HD Type 59 and HD T-62A will have roughly the same armor as they do now;
- Developers are working on finding the cause of "twitching arty aim circle" bug in 9.8, so far without results. The current version is that it's simply bad connection of affected players and not a bug;
- Evilly confirms that personal reserves will be added a bit later.

And the daily (missed doing this :P ), Tanks from Norway, Ikzor shall be proud!

Thank you Abdool!

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