Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Pay to Win at its finest

Hello warriors,

as you might have noticed, Wargaming started today selling (for 24 hours only) the Panzer II Ausf.J tank:

You can buy that bundle for 100 Euro (contains some 30k gold as well). So, is there a problem with that? After all, Wargaming was selling the BT-SV for a lot of money as well, right?

Well, as it turns out, yes, there is a problem. BT-SV had lackluster statistics, but the Panzer II Ausf.J is the single most overpowered tank in the game. According to wot-news, this tank has overall winrate of 67,43 percent (this info can be found here:

The problem with this tank is that it was blatantly OP for all its existence but it was never nerfed because there were so few of them (they were awarded only at Gamescom and in gift bundles - some people paid as much as 300 EUR for this tank when buying the codes online). Now that anyone can get it, it probably is the worst case of pay to win to date. If you feel like giving uncle SerB 100 Euro for his space program, you'll get a murderous death machine.