Sunday, 19 April 2015

Insider: Crew skill overhaul

Hello warriors,

some fresh info from the insider: World of Tanks developers are working on a skill/perk overhaul - these are the skills/perks that they are considering (with appropriate effect). Keep in mind that this might not come anytime soon (at least it won't as per Storm) so it's possible these are just directions they are thinking in. The developers are also considering speeding up the skill progression by making levelling up your crew easier to match all these new skills and perks. The names are translated and are likely only temporary. It's possible these will appear both in Xbox and PC tanks.

Ammunition Tuning
Decreases the effect of range on the penetration ability of fired rounds (ie. less pen loss over distance)

Steady Aim
Increases your gunner's accuracy.

Paratrooper Training
Enables your Driver to reduce overall falling damage.

Parting Gift
Your tank explodes when destroyed, damaging nearby enemy vehicles and destroying their tracks.

Escape Artist
Become undetected more quickly once out of enemy sight.

Camo Expert
Your tank's camouflage factor while hidden in foliage is more effective than normal.

Silent Driving
Decreases the effect that movement has on your tank's camouflage factor.

Muffled Shot
Decreases the effect of firing on your tank's camouflage factor.

Swimming Lessons
The amount of time your tank can survive underwater is increased.

Body Count
Enables your Commander to identify eliminated crew members in the target vehicle within view range. Effective in both indirect and direct fire modes.

Platoon Communication
Enables the Radio Operator to always keep members of your platoon visible on your radar, regardless of distance.

Strength In Numbers
Improves major qualifications and all skills for the crews of your tank and those of nearby platoon members.

Increases the camouflage factor of your tank and nearby platooned tanks.

Grinding Gears
Allows your driver to overcome a destroyed engine, getting enough power out of it to continue moving, albeit slowly.

Overzealous Commander
Your commander rallies the crew when your tank has less than 10% HP remaining, improving all major crew qualifications.

Pain Tolerance
Reduces chance of critical damage to crew members.

Maintenance Crash Course
The Driver is able to repair the tracks faster.

Attention to Detail
Your Gunner learns the ability to reveal various points of weakness on the targeted tank.

Target Prioritization
The Radio Operator is able to relay battle information to highlight tanks that are at low health. This applies to both enemy and friendly tanks.

Photographic Memory
Enables the Radio Operator to remember the last known position of enemy tanks for a couple seconds after line of sight is lost.

Supply Conservation
Rationing techniques give your Commander a chance to preserve a consumable item when it is used during battle.

Effective Stowage
More effective ammunition storage allows the Loader to increase your tank's maximum ammo capacity.

Enables the Commander to protect important equipment, reducing the chance that devices will be damaged in a fire.

Explosive Expertise
Increases the radius of explosive damage from fired rounds.

Sharp Eye
Enables the Commander to detect equipped consumables on the target tank.

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