Tuesday, 28 April 2015

28.04.2015 Q&A

- Q: "Viktor Kislyi said that within a month something big will be announced. Will you remove arty?" A (Storm): "No, we will add a special condition to your account that whenever you play, the MM will put 10 arties into the enemy team."
- The IS-4 armor in 9.7 is correct, it is not too thin.

WoWp Q&A:

- Developers will rework the training rooms (adding passwords in 1.9, change of map, visibility etc.)
- Patch 1.8 solved all the cache issues;
- Getting started with WoWp is difficult and newbies have hard time in random battles. To improve the tutorial is pointless, devs want instead to improve the PvE;
- In 1.8, client will have something called "prediction", which was tested on Asian (Chinese?) server with positive results;
- Apparently the petition to save WoWp did help even though the developers were active even on their own;
- Hurricane will not be rebalanced;
- It will not be possible to damage enemy planes by flying into debris from other planes (like torn off engine covers);
- Next branch will be added to a nation that is already in the game;
- There will be new modes apparently;
- WoWp wikipedia sucks because the players are not adding content;
- It's possible there will be seasonal clan tournaments;
- There will not be any nerf to German assault planes;
- Some AA ground locations are screwed up but nobody really cares.

And last but definitely not least, this deserves to be shared with the world:

Thank you Jingles for allowing me to post this image!

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