Thursday, 19 March 2015

9.7 Test 2 Patchnotes

- Fixed many hang-ups and crashes of the game client.
- Optimized performance of the game client on some PC configurations.
- Optimized performance of some special effects.
- Optimized stability of game servers.
- Fixed issue with fallen tree trunks not being transparent in some cases in the Sniper mode.

- Fixed positioning of Emblems on the T-15 German light tank.
- Cancelled changes to shell penetration and vehicle characteristics added in the first Common Test of version 9.7.
- Fixed some issues with the visual model of the AMX 30 B.
- Fixed some issues with the damage models of the following vehicles: IS-5 (Object 730), Renault G1.
- Removed the new visual model of the SuperPershing in order to make improvements to it.
- Increased profitability of the following special vehicles: Object 907, М60, VK 72.01 (kiss), T95E6.
- Added the following vehicles for testing during the Common Test:
* M56 Scorpion, Tier VII U.S. tank destroyer
* T-54 mod. 1, Tier VIII U.S.S.R. medium tank

- Removed the Northwest map from the Random Battle mode.
- Fixed some clipping on the new Overlord map.
- Fixed the issues with the visual and damage models of some environmental objects.
- Fixed flickering of some objects when rotating the camera in the Premium Garage.
Interface and Other Changes
- Fixed many issues with the new features of the Team Battle mode.
- Fixed some issues with the new Chat features.
- Improved hit and penetration marks on vehicles.
- Fixed some issues with interface scaling.
- Fixed the issue with the 15th personal mission being unavailable.


  1. - Increased profitability of the following special vehicles: Object 907, М60, VK 72.01 (kiss), T95E6.

    So the "special" vehicles no longer earn the same amount as standard vehicles, now they're suddenly transformed into premium ? Then stop talking shit WG, just call them "special" premium tanks and be done with it.

    1. You do know this could mean only a couple of %?

    2. Yea, its fucking bullshit!!

    3. Lol rage more baddies! In what way is this detrimental for you?
      Or is it just envy...

      If you want one so badly, next campaign join a clan, and get it. In the meantime, keep crying while we enjoy ours ;). But I won't waste any more time, my 907 is waiting to hear this great news... Hahaha.

      Jealous bitches... Thanks to people like you this russian idiots ruined lots of tanks, that you still can't drive properly, like Foch 155, Hellcat, etc... Keep crying you will always be awful

  2. By Northwest, you won't be missed. Now if they could remove the other maps that were rumored to be going as well, that would be great.

    1. whats wrong with northwest ? one of the best looking map in the game.

      And dont start with "corridors" becasue there are more retarded maps in the game.

      Mountain passage for example, its exactly same map gameplay wise - two corrdors on side or dangerous mid.

      Malinovka ? you either go hill or die on the field.

      Steppes - kidding me ? I do Alt+F4 whenever I see its loading screen.

    2. I hate NW. Its all CORRIDORS. I either camp the big hill from west or camp little hill in north from east. U cant scout on this map or flank.

      Good riddance!!!!

    3. Steppes = Alt + F4 bc corridor!?! LMAO.
      With a statement like that one can't be suprise you fail to see what's wrong with NW and why it's worse than Mountain Pass...

  3. FINALLY we can try the M56 and the T-54 premium?

    1. Finally!
      I was counting days till we finally get another stupid copy-paste crappy soviet tank. And WG, dont forget to whine how is the client size too big. You can easily fix this by releasing 17 clones of every russian bullshit tank.

      Future patches:
      T-54 1945
      T-54 1946
      T-54 spring 1947
      T-54 summer 1947...
      T-54 convertible
      T-54 GT turbo diesel

      And dont forget to remove unique tanks like vk4502b, fv215b, etc.
      This game will be fun when all teh vehicles will be exactly same.

    2. Let's not forget the all-time classics like the T-54A1.02 Mk. IV, the T-54 4-track drive and the T-54 2nd week of January 1951 model, the perfect companions for the Japanese Tiger. And then we can move on to the T-55 variants.

      Also, they could also add the Cuckoo as a British Panther.

    3. Oh the irony! :))
      Well , WG might release World of Clones soon!

  4. I just wish they would burn Ensk next or at least limit it to tier 6 and below...

    1. I love Ensk and Kariela and Maliovka and Prok but only for lower tiers. WG cant seem to understand these maps r to small for tier 10s. One of the reasons i enjoy tiers 3-5 is because the tanks r so small it makes the maps feel HUGE.

  5. - Removed the Northwest map from the Random Battle mode....time to open some champagne!!! ;)

  6. BTW can u write something about the new Overlord map? Is it good to play?

  7. Does anyone get the "Updateing crew..." message when logging in... it just stays there preventing me from starting a game...

    1. Got the same bug - can't play. :-(

    2. Tried a full reinstall.. didn't help. We'll just have to wait :(

  8. Of all the bad maps they could get rid of, they pick Northwest? Really? It's not a great map and I won't be sad to see it go, but there are MUCH worse maps that should have been taken out instead.

  9. why take off pearl river , hidden village , and northwest and leave crap like mittengard , highway , and live oaks and malinovka . They must have new corridor maps ready to yet again piss us off

  10. I'm glad that WG didn't listen to some "special" players such as those who are asking Malinovka to be removed. Especially when they are also complaining about "corridor maps" after that.

    That said, I won't miss NorthWest. Now WG needs to bring that reworked swamp ASAP,do something to that Japanese map and we will have a much better map pool.

  11. So Sacred Valley, Komarin, Hidden Village and Sand River get to remain, but we lose Severogorsk and now Northwest? Oy.

  12. what do "Improved hit and penetration marks on vehicles" means ?

    1. That means they are better now, than the ones we had before!

      Ye could not ressist...

    2. so that means it's easier to obtain a mark ?