Sunday, 29 March 2015

29.03.2015 Q&A

Not much interesting today either. Obisidian Entertainment (AW developer) released the Pillars of Eternity RPG (Baldur's Gate 2 style, got very high reviews) - Storm tried it out and didn't like it very much apparently (but he stated he saw only the first two zones, which is basically just tutorial - when he was told to go on to at least the third one, he said he'd suffer through it).

What might be a bit more interesting for fans of new tanks in the game - you might remember from FTR that the drawings of the first Czechoslovak premium tank (┼ákoda T 40)  are ready, they have been for weeks and the new tank is already scheduled in modelling department. What you might find interesting as well is that the Wargaming drawings (basically modelling blueprints) of the first regular (non-premium tier 8) tank are now ready as well, the TVP Model 1946 (aka "TVP Concept"). Everything is well on its way. The Japanese heavies will come first though, likely around summer. Japanese heavy branch will be ushered by the "Japanese Tiger" premium (leaked not so long ago) and will consist of project of various levels of historicity. Tier 9 and 10 will be mostly Wargaming made, historically they will be based on very dubious materials, such as Russian transcripts of interviews with some Japanese soldiers and scientists. Very boxy designs with large guns (think E-100), possibly the largest tanks in the game.