Sunday, 22 March 2015

22.03.2015 Q&A

Not much today,

- in test 9.7, AMX ELC was renamed to ELC bis in order for the vehicle to be called historically correctly;
- The sixth sense rework will come "a bit later";
- 9.7 will not bring any "free garage slots" anywhere (RG: Free stuff is good but I agree with WG on this, no reason to give garage slots with no apparent reason);
- It's possible that there will not be the option to buy the German Somua S35 premium tank anymore once the 9.7 comes (RG: It's a very good tank, make sure you don't regret if it gets away);
- The AMX 30 B should not be compared to Batchat according to the developers, the vehicles are fundamentally different gameplay-wise;
- This weekend, Russian players could buy the E-25 for cca 20 EUR, it is not confirmed that this event will come to EU as well (RG: First bring the daily bonus, yes looking at you EU *Creepy smile*).